ReMo’s efforts are guided and informed by the individuals that make up its Commission: an exclusive group of private sector CEO’s, former government regulators, and advocates who reflect the range of stakeholders necessary to act now on a global scale and inform policy change to advance the future of mobility.


José Muñoz
Global COO Hyundai Motor Company; President & CEO Hyundai Motor North America & Hyundai Motor America

Mary Nichols
Former Chair, California Air Resources Board

Thierry Mallet
Chairman & CEO, Transdev Group


Mathias Carlbaum
President and Chief Executive Officer, Navistar, Inc.

Jason Grumet
Chief Executive Officer, American Clean Power Association (ACP)

Chris Helsel
Senior Vice President, Global Operations and Chief Technology Officer, The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company

Stuart Lerner
Chief Operating Officer, Stantec

Reuben Munger
Managing Partner, Vision Ridge Partners

Gautam Narang
Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder, Gatik

Dr. Kristian Parker
Vice Chair of the Board of Trustees for the Oak Foundation

Carl Pope
Senior Climate Advisor to Michael Bloomberg

Stephen Rowley
President, Cox Automotive

Jaiwon Shin
CEO, Supernal

Frederick W. Smith
Executive Chairman, FedEx Corp.

Paul Warburton
Chief Digital and Marketing Officer, NSC Global Ltd.