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Rachel Aland

Program Manager, Freight

Rachel is Transportation Policy and Strategy Manager with the Coalition for Reimagined Mobility. Throughout her 10+ years of experience as a transportation planner/economist, she has advised governments, private investors, and international institutions on solutions to transportation issues in both the US and Asia. Rachel brings to Reimagined Mobility expertise in freight, aviation, cross-border infrastructure investment, and public-private partnerships.

Prior to joining Reimagined Mobility, Rachel was a Principal Consultant with CPCS, a freight-focused, Canadian-headquartered transportation strategy consulting firm. There she led C/AV and EV business development efforts and managed freight-related analyses throughout the US including the Southern California Freight Strategy, Texas-Mexico Border Transportation Master Plan, Ohio State Freight Plan, and North/West Passage Freight Task Force, among others. Before CPCS, Rachel spent four years in Singapore working for the World Bank’s Infrastructure, PPP, and Guarantees team as well as AECOM. During her time in Asia she advised governments on regulatory and institutional changes to mobilize private sector resources, helped launch a pipeline of infrastructure projects for the ASEAN Secretariat, and led an autonomous vehicle system planning and implementation study for a densely population innovation district in Singapore, among other projects. She also has prior US-based experience producing research and analysis on a broad range of transportation policy and strategic initiatives in aviation, transit, and transportation safety.

In previous roles in transportation consulting and working for international organizations, Rachel has collaborated with diverse partners and clients on complex transportation strategy projects and believes in the power of clear, concise, and visually interesting communication of recommendations through reports, presentations, and community meetings.

Rachel holds a Master of City Planning from the University of Pennsylvania and a Bachelor of Arts in Urban Studies from Brown University.