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Marla Westervelt 

Vice President, Policy

Marla Westervelt joined the Coalition for Reimagined Mobility as the Director of Policy in February 2021. Marla has spent her career contemplating the intersection of the public and private sectors in driving towards mobility outcomes that are in the public interest. With nearly a decade worth of experience in the transportation sector, Marla spent her early career working at the Eno Center for Transportation, where she led research efforts from reforming air traffic control governance to rethinking the way we pay for infrastructure in the U.S. From there she headed to LA Metro, where she was a founding member of the Office of Extraordinary Innovation, leading research efforts. She then left to be an early member of Bird Rides, leading global data sharing policy and government facing business development efforts. Most recently, Marla helped in the initial business development of MobilityData.This broad wealth of experiences uniquely positions Marla to drive a thoughtful and rigorous research agenda, exploring and seeking to define the future of mobility.