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Jason Islas

Senior Manager, Policy Communications

Jason joined the Coalition for Reimagined Mobility in August 2022 as Policy Communications Senior Manager. A passionate advocate for climate action and sustainable urban planning, Jason has spent his entire career working toward changing the way people and planners think about transportation and land use. He brings more than a decade of experience in policy communications, journalism, and advocacy.

Before joining the Coalition, Jason worked for nearly five years in the micromobility industry where he helped create and implement communications and advocacy strategies aimed at shaping local and state policies to allow for better access to shared micromobility options, as well as for infrastructure to support those options.

Jason has also worked as a journalist for the nonprofit news site, Streetsblog Los Angeles, where he reported on transportation and land use policies in the greater Los Angeles Area.

He is an active member of the Sierra Club, where he serves as an elected member-at-large of the Club’s Angeles Chapter Executive Committee.

Jason holds a bachelor’s degree in History from Reed College. He served in the Peace Corps in Bulgaria from 2008 to 2010. He currently lives, car-free, in his hometown of Santa Monica, Calif.