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Russell Glynn

Policy Associate

Russell Glynn joined the Coalition for Reimagined Mobility as a policy associate in July 2021. Previously, Russell was a graduate student researcher with the MIT Task Force on the Work of the Future. In this role, he explored technological and institutional change in the transportation sector, connecting mobility issues to broader shifts in the geographies of jobs and industries. Russell’s thesis project traced the evolving political economy of transportation technology and urban planning in Southeast Michigan over the last century. Prior to enrolling at MIT, Russell worked as planner and policy researcher with the U.S. DOT Volpe National Transportation Systems Center. Russell’s time at the Volpe Center sharpened his research skills and exposed him to a wide range of international transportation issues. He co-authored several reports documenting how practitioners integrate new technologies into regional transportation planning processes and contributed to planning capacity building projects in India and West Africa. Russell earned a Master of Science in Technology and Policy from MIT, as well as a Bachelor of Science in Urban and Regional Studies from Cornell University.