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Isabelle Dupraz

Policy Manager

Isabelle Dupraz joined the Coalition for Reimagined Mobility as a Policy Associate in September 2021. Prior to joining Reimagined Mobility, Isabelle trained and practiced as an urban planning consultant, both in Great Britain and the United States. Following her undergraduate studies, she joined Turnberry Planning as an Assistant Planner, where she supported the development of University redevelopment projects and masterplanned New Towns in Scotland. During her graduate studies, Isabelle worked on the launch of a major initiative to reimagine obsolete transportation infrastructure in New York State with Buro Happold and advised Rhode Island Department of Transportation on micromobility policy. Most recently, as a freelance consultant, she advised Manna Drone Delivery on physical and regulatory go-to-market strategy and worked with DUCKT on communications and government relations strategy. Isabelle serves as Deputy Director of Programs for the Young Professionals in Transportation Network in Western Europe. She is excited to continue her work on transportation policy, a field that she sees as foundational in facilitating and scaling socio-economic and environmental impact globally.