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Catriona Meehan

Director of Global Government Affairs

Catriona has over a dozen years’ experience working with governments and political organisations across the globe.

Born and raised in Luxembourg, she speaks 5 languages fluently and holds University degrees from the ULB in Belgium (BA) and UGR in Spain (MSc).

Catriona began her professional career in the European Parliament, where she spent almost 5 years working on both sides of the political spectrum on a wide range of policy issues from sustainability to technology.

After leaving the European Parliament, Catriona worked for a number of associations including the App Developers Alliance and EU Travel Tech, where she represented the interests of the tech and travel sectors.

Catriona has spent the last 3 years working in the mobility sector and advocating for sustainable transport solutions at Wind Mobility.

In her role as Co-Chair of Micromobility for Europe, she liaises with regulators and policymakers on behalf of the 8 main e-scooter companies across Europe.